Municipal Shareholders

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Municipal shareholders, the City of Brantford, the City of Cambridge and the Township of North Dumfries are exploring a potential merger of the holding companies, Brantford Energy Corporation (BEC) and Cambridge and North Dumfries Energy Plus Inc. and the unregulated and regulated affiliates, including Brantford Power Inc. and Energy+ Inc.

Municipal shareholders are reviewing the merger opportunity before them and are planning to make a decision in August 2021, whether to proceed with a merger or not proceed. 

On August 30, 2021, the municipal shareholders approved the energy merger. Read more.

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Corporate Governance and Ownership

The Corporate Governance and ownership structures of the holding companies, unregulated and regulated affiliates for the City of Brantford and City of Cambridge and Township of Dumfries are shown below:

Corporate Structure Shareholder City of Brantford, Holding Company Brantford Energy Corporation and regulated, unregulated affiliates

Corporate Structure Shareholders City of Cambridge and Township of North Dumfries, Holding Company Cambridge and North Dumfries Energy Plus, regulated and unregulated affiliates

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